Filmed in Blue-O-Vision.

We’ve never codified in the series bible whether or not the plants in the observation dome are real. I’m still not sure which answer I prefer. Truth be told, they’re only there because giant, tacky, terracotta pots are funny to us. And because there really should be a token effort towards greenery on the ship, I suppose. Artificial plants are easy, but boring. Because if they’re real? That raises the question of who is taking care of them.

Oliver is a doctor, not a botanist. I always imagined Lou having a black thumb. Jennifer wouldn’t. Dana couldn’t be bothered. And they predate Geoff. Which I guess just leaves Lucas.

At which point I don’t think I wanna know if they’re real plants or not. I just know I don’t want to touch them. Or stand near them. Or look at them too closely.