Still, it went better than the last time he poked his finger into a filthy grey box outside an apartment building.

Rawr, time for housekeeping stuff. First, just a heads up that I did another comic edit. Gonna keep at that for the time being, and will post down here when they’re made.

Second, anyone here familiar with an iPhone app called Comic Chameleon? I certainly wasn’t, until yesterday. It’s a really neat looking comic aggregator for iOS devices (and Android in the not-too-distant Coming Soon), and I’ve thrown Vagabond Starlight’s metaphorical hat into the equally metaphorical ring. Maybe we’ll get accepted? Maybe we’ll flame out fantastically? Either way, you can help!

If you’re interested in seeing VS in the app, we would super appreciate it if you’d let them know that. We’re the smallest of small potatoes, and any exposure we can get is tremendously helpful.

Well, not any kind. The kind of exposure where your bits get all cold and fall off would be decidedly unhelpful. But the rest, yeah, way into it!