Well. He would. Briefly.

Living in Texas, September is that weird part of the year where I have to get outside verification that the seasons are starting to change. It seems like it might be fall? Leaves are, literally, falling off the the tree branches. Nothing’s really turning brown, mind you, but then brown is the color of summer as far as I can tell. That’s what color my grass changes to, not my trees.

I just get confused, is all. We don’t experience the typical four-stage cycle in Texas. Ours goes Cold, then Fine, then Hot, then Completely Fucking Unreasonable, then Fine Again, then back to the beginning with Cold. I think we’re in Fine right now, but since half the state didn’t spontaneously and violently erupt into a fiery hellstorm, I’m not entirely certain we’ve left Completely Fucking Unreasonable just yet.

I miss snow. Hard to build a snowman out of raging infernos.