O, that you all might have a dork somewhere in your life.

Pride is wrapping up for most of the US. Austin is a little different, our pride stuff is all in late August. I presume because while most of ya’ll are saying “summer has begun” the Lone Star State is saying “it’s been summer for two months, we’re starting Super Summer, catch up.” I feel like I should say something and, I dunno, I also don’t.

I’ve been out (publicly, anyway) for a year now. It’s been… nice, overall. But I dunno that I have anything particularly profound to share. Twitter is my usual dumping ground for those sorts of revelations, aggravations, and observations. And it seems to be getting the job done. Sort of?

The tricky thing about being queer is that it turns out being more truthful doesn’t necessarily make you any smarter, less confused, or more decisive. Humans, am I right? Sheesh. Two-hundred-thousand years of “evolution” my ass.