He’s not wrong.

So hey, uh, how’s everyone doin’? I kinda havin’ a fuckin’ week this week. Not every day the leader of the free world tells you that you and people like you aren’t fit for military service under any circumstances. Intense, right? Lemme tell ya, it’s a pretty stiff kick to wake up to when you’re already spending your days listening to people in your state capital building debate if you have the right to take a leak.

I don’t think this’ll fuck up the production schedule but, christ, it is not fuckin’ helping, ya’ll.

To any and all of the beautiful queers out there who might be receiving this transmission… We see you. We love you. And if any of my fellow trans people need help, please please contact either Trans Lifeline or The Trevor Project. A lot of people will tell you about our suicide rates, how at risk we are of self-harm, how “weak” we are. But that is not our legacy. We cemented our place in history that night in 1969 when we decided to stop throwing in the towel and start throwing bricks.

We are stronger than they know. Don’t ever let them tell you otherwise.