And so Chapter 4 draws to a close. Which I’m pretty sure is what I wrote on the post for Chapter 3’s ending. Hang on, let me go check… Nope! Huh. Although I do seem to have picked up the quirk of always starting these posts with the word “and.” I’m gonna pretend that was an intentional writer’s signature thing and move on.

Many chapter yet await you all, however! Come back on December 29th for the fifth and not-at-all final chapter of Vagabond Starlight. What’s that? Correct, December 29th is not next Monday. That’s because we’re taking next week off. I’m gonna be busy not working on the comic for a week while I rest, recharge, and try to get in some time with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which I’m told is a videographic gamesport you can “play” with a personal computer. Sounds fascinating and I simply must see what that is all about.

Plus there’s, like, a holiday or some bullshit, and that always takes up time.

So don’t bother dropping by! Well, actually, do drop by on Monday. Gonna have a dumb little picture I drew that says “we’re not here, go away.” And I’d like you to see the picture! Even if it’s just the picture that’s telling you everything I just told you. Well, part of what I just told you. The important parts. Look, come back on Monday, there’ll be snow, okay? But then go away for the rest of the week.

Happy holidays! Or whatever!