Aaaaand we’re back! Refreshed, rearmed, and revolved! I dunno what that means, but I needed another “re” and I kinda panicked! Fuck it, onward!

So hey, that goofy notice about our new temporary update schedule is gone now because our new temporary update schedule is now our new new update schedule. Which, in English, means we’re going to keep updating three days a week. Which, essentially, means nothing has changed from the last month of strips we’ve done. Which, in turn, means you don’t really need to worry about any of this. I do, of course. I’m going to be putting even more time into getting the comic made, now. But you’re not me, and I don’t really blame you for not being worried about what I’m worried about. That would be silly.

I mean, I worry about shit like whether the color of something is turquoise, cyan, or aqua. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.