Primary colors! Lookit ’em! All they need is a Yellow Wizard and you’ve got a Gauntlet team.

Though our story starts with Geoff, Lou was the primordial ooze from whence the strip was conceived. Dana (Takashima) came shortly thereafter. Geoff just provides a nice vector to bring the audience onto the ship and into the world. Basically, Geoff is like a drug mule for the rest of the crew’s Story Cocaine.

Don’t, uh. Don’t tell him I said so, though.

Oh, and as a special bonus this week, Shadlyn wrote something! It’s down there, under this bit here. I fear she has been reading too many of my posts, however, as her sentences aren’t so much “run-on” as “running a god damn marathon.” This is the influence I have over my loved ones. May God have mercy on her soul.

First, let me say welcome to Vagabond Starlight. I’m Shadlyn, the mostly unseen half of the Vagabond Starlight writing team. While Fox does the art and the writing and the website, I provide the stern glances when work isn’t getting done, the reassurances that we are meeting projections, and the swift kicks in the ass when Fox has decided that everything he’s ever done is shit and he can’t show any of it to anyone.

More seriously, I sit behind the scenes and hammer out the story arcs, inject much-needed complications into the characters’ lives, and ensure that there is the proper balance of teamwork and mututal hatred on the Fool’s Errand. I provide art suggestions, keep an eye on continuity, and spend afternoons fleshing out character personalities and backstories.

While my “half” of the project is really more like a “quarter,” I like to think that I’ve helped to put some shine on this diamond Fox is busy chiseling out, and I hope you’ll all enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it!