I don’t know much about dating. But I do know a lot about bubbles. And I know they’re damn tasty.

I spent, quite frankly, an embarrassing amount of time thinking about what jumpspace should look like. Because the ships aren’t going into another dimension or accelerating beyond the speed of light. They’re just going mad fast. So I figured I should find something, y’know, vaguely sciencey. I settled on “generic blue squidgy stuff” in part because of pulp sci-fi tradition and in part because blue shift. It felt like a nice compromise. Plus, blue is a soothing color. I figure that’s gotta be good from a design standpoint, right?

Although… I then took that soothing color and made it a stripey, splotchy, psychedelic mess. Whoops. But, hey, science, right? Woo! Vaguely sciency stuff. Yeah.