So uncouth. I believe, madam, that the more genteel phrase you were looking for was “doin’ it.”

I don’t feel like being funny and you can’t make me, so I’m gonna talk about some stuff I’ve been enjoying lately. I picked up Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds recently. It was a fun read! Light, and maybe not quite as good as Scott Pilgrim, but absolutely worth your time. That dude is still really good at writing piece-of-shit lead characters that you somehow still end up rooting for.

On the TV side of things, I just finished watching Psycho-Pass. Cyberpunk television is a rare beast indeed, and where once you could expect Japan to export the occasional Bubblegum Crisis or Ghost in the Shell, even they’ve largely stopped carrying that transhuman torch. Thankfully, Psycho-Pass is a delightful return to form. It’s a grim, rain-filled, neon-rimmed bit of sci-fi speculation clearly inspired by the likes of Gibson and Philip K. Dick (even going so far as to have a scene where someone basically shouts “HEY, DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP IS A REAL GOOD BOOK, YOU GUYS”). While tonally completely different, this is one of those shows I’d recommend to people who say stuff like they liked Cowboy Bebop, but think anime is generally pretty terrible. And if you like cyberpunk at all, you owe it to yourself to dive into this one. One small warning, though. The first episode is pretty rough, so try not to judge it by it’s opening.

Oh, and I’m still playing a bunch of Street Fighter 4. Dat game’s pretty good, ya’ll.