Oh, shit! Plot collision! Brace for impact!

So I’ve been playing a dangerous amount of the Heroes of the Storm beta. You see, I looooove Dota, but I have all the strategic-thinking capacity of a chimpanzee on crystal meth. And where Dota is like eating a block of granite through your nose, HotS is like a Pop-Tart: easy to understand, and very, very fast to consume. So all I’ve really been doing — when I’m not working on chapter 6 and thinking about chapter 7 — is playing HotS.

As a result, I don’t have anything to say about this strip because I don’t even remember who these people are at this point. Did I write this? I’m in the byline. I have all these art files on my hard drive. But these panels are not lanes. Or creeps. Or towers, ults, ganks, passives, skill shots, or teamfights. So I’m afraid I don’t recognize any of it. I’m sure it probably makes sense, though. Past Me was pretty good at that sort of thing. Present Me is completely useless, I’m afraid.

And, boy howdy, do I fear for Future Me. That dude is fucked.