Jennifer in panel 1 is far and away the creepiest thing I’ve ever drawn. Note to self, don’t let her get happy.

Hey, so it’s the Fourth of July. Well, actually it’s the Third of July, which is not itself inherently important, except that this year it’s on a Friday and the Fourth is on a Saturday. So I suppose it’s actually more important than the Fourth, because we actually get the Third off.

Ugh, this is getting confusing, let me start over. Happy Independence Day! If you’re an American. And if you’re into that sort of thing. And you actually get that day off, because you don’t work some very silly job like, say, “cartoonist,” a profession that only recognizes holidays such as “Too Hungover Day” and “Work Slightly Less Than Normal While Resenting All Your Friends With Proper Jobs Day.”

Not that I’m bitter!

Happy Fourth!