That’s enough words for one day, methinks. So I’ll try and keep this brief.

You may have noticed some ads on the site. I’ve finally gotten some proper ads up through Project Wonderful. You may remember them from my earlier work. I’ll be doing my best to keep them from being too terribly intrusive and obnoxious, but as always if you see something particularly objectionable just hit me up on Twitter or in an e-mail.

Of course, may have not noticed some ads on the site. Likely because you’re running an ad blocker. That’s fine. We’d super-duper-double-deluxe-ultra-mega really really appreciate it if you didn’t run an ad blocker on our humble webcomic. Or any webcomic, for that matter. It’s a lean, mean world out there for us cartoony types, and I strongly encourage any AdBlock users to whitelist any webcomics they read. But, hey, I can’t blame ya if you do. Ads suck, and I get that. I won’t get mad at people for running them. I’ll just be a little more Frowny Emoticon than I would be otherwise.

Regardless of however you sit on that contentious fence, thanks for stopping by to enjoy our silly little corner of the world wide web!

…Well, shit. So much for “brief.”