Sometimes, you just have to fall back on a classic bit. A phrase which might, itself, be a sex joke. Gonna have to go to the judges on that one.

That’s the Fool’s Errand down there in the corner, by the way. Y’know. That ship you only ever see from the inside because bubughauauagghaaaaaaagh. I’m trying to work on my irrational fear of drawing things I don’t know how to draw particularly well, so with any luck you’ll be seeing more of her in future strips. Or, at the very least, a rough grey blob that approximates the shape she’s supposed to have.

Fuchsia blobs, on the other hand, are definitely not spaceships. In fact, if you’re seeing those in the strip, seek immediate medical attention. Or wipe down your monitor. Something is amiss, and I refuse to take responsibility for your fuchsia-related hallucinations/messes.