Truly, the most subtle form of communication.

Okay, so here’s a conundrum for you. So, I like painting and assembling models of plastic robots. Yes, despite a decent and proper upbringing by upstanding members of gentle society, I am one of those people. I can’t help it. They gave the robots lightsabers. Nobody’s immune to that. Nobody. And I was all set to plunk down some cash on a tasty new air compressor to get my air brush on… except I just learned that the eagerly anticipated Super Robot Wars V is coming out the day before my birthday.

Now you gotta understand. I’ve been saving money here and there for months to set up this new work area with all these shiny new tools so I can go all maximum dork with my gunpla. But Super Robot Wars is the series that roped me into this plastic nightmare in the first place. Hell, it’s half the reason I bought (read: convinced my roommates that we needed to buy) a PS 4. So do I delay the artful hobby of plastic paintery to indulge in digital delights… or do I stick to my tiny beam guns and tell PlayAsia you can take this pre-order and shove it? Two loves. One wallet. O, ’tis truly an unbearable choice!

…In a very “the sort of problem you want to have” kind of way, I admit, but unbearable nonetheless!