Oh hey, check it out. Continuity. Neat.

If the massive collection of annotated script books sitting on my shelf is any indication, I’m a gigantic fan of Babylon 5. That show is something of a master class in how to plan, shape, and deliver a fantastic story. I learned a hell of a lot just watching it. (Reading about it will learn you a whole bunch more, but involves all that troublesome looking-at-words stuff.) While I wouldn’t even begin to compare Vagabond Starlight to B5 — for one thing, VS doesn’t have a defined ending — there some tricks ol’ JMS showed us that we’re trying to work into the comic. Like, say, laying out little subtle bits of groundwork for stuff that pays off later. Stuff like this.

Not that there’s much else lurking around the story, though. Or is there? Probably not. Unless I’m lying. But I’m probably not. Or am I?