Some things defy explanation. Some people do, too. Ardently.

Deadlines get a lot of flack. People love to shit on the deadline. It’s so scary, it’s so looming, it’s so going to kill us when it gets here. While that last one may be true, I find deadlines to be powerful allies. Left to my own devices, I find I never get anything done if there isn’t a hard and fast deadline attached to it. But that fear, however ultimately ephemeral, is the match that lights the fire under my ass. “Fear,” they claim “is the mind killer.” I say fear is fuel of the truly productive. FirstĀ I get scared, then I get to work.

I write all this because chapter 6 here is moving along at a nice clip, and I haven’t yet finished writing chapter 7 and I’m not at all panicking, nope, no sir, not me, nope. Deadlines. Y’know I love ’em.