It’s allergy season! I guess? All I know is the eustachian tube (yes, Chrome, that is how you spell that) in my right ear is a big sucky jerk because of allergens. Which means I’ve spent the last week in varying states of balance related discomfort, ranging from “dizzy” to “hah hah oh god kill me right now this second.”

Which would be funny, if it weren’t for the all the “desperate need to die” stuff. Seriously, ear, just let up for, like, two seconds, maybe?

No? Asshole.

Well. Ear hole, technically. But whatever, it can be both!

Anyway, uuuh… something about knitting. Knitting might be a fine way to pass the time while you wait for the sweet embrace of oblivion because god dammit the room is spinning again hah okay thatll do enjoy your strip uuuuuuuuggggghhh