I fear this strip may reveal my disdain for Tumblr. And Flickr. And… okay, honestly, those are the only two I can think of right now that do that thing where they drop a letter. So it’s a short list. But it’s a disdainful one!

Hey, today’s the first day of Evo weekend this year! What’s Evo? You mean you’re not familiar with the Evolution Championship Series, fictional person I just made up so that I could ask this question? Why it’s only the biggest and most prestigious-est fighting game tournament in the whole ding-dang world. And from Friday morning until the wee hours of Sunday night, the best damn players of the best damn games with be pumped out over the Internet via eight Twitch streams.

It’s like if the Super Bowl and the World Cup had sex inside the Olympics. But uh, y’know, video games.

Anyway, I’m gonna be watching the shit out of the Street Fighter feeds as much as I can this weekend. The whole thing promises to be great, but my recommendation if you only check it out once this weekend is to load up Sunday’s stream. Grand finals is always a blast. Crazy, impossible, amazing stuff always happens. I mean, come on, a French dude won USF4 last year! Let’s go!!