I sympathize. It can be so hard to keep track, some days.

I admit, I’m also finding myself a bit out of sorts with regards to what I should write here. Previously, I blamed that on the fact that I’d been writing a whole, whole bunch for chapter 3. Good news on that, by the way. Chapter 3 is pretty much written, so it’s time to slap this stylus once more against this tablet in that singularly ape-like fashion that seems to result in what experts describe as “art.”

Diagram that sentence, I fucking dare you.

Anyway, production proceeds apace on our silly little webcomic about space. It’ll be nice to stop stressing out over characters, plot, timing, jokes, cohesion, flow, and length and start stressing out over all that stupid drawing shit instead. Which… I admit, isn’t strictly better, but it is at least different! And sometimes, baby, that’s all you need.

That, and oxygen. And water. And maybe a bite to eat. I’mma stop typing now.