Weird, Jennifer. It’s as if he might have been doing something with forethought and planning. Hmm. I oughta try that some time, too.

I’ve been playing a fair bit of pinball of late. I didn’t used to “get” pinball. They seemed like video games, except crappy. And I don’t like crappy things, so why would I play pinball, y’know? It turns out that the answer is, like so many things life, “because you’re doing it wrong.”

There’s a place here in town called Pinballz Arcade that serves up an impressive array of tables. Among them is a reasonably well-maintained Doctor Who table. Now, if you’re not familiar with pinball this isn’t going to make much sense, but part of the object of the game is to hit tiny targets with small metal spheres. Weird, right? Well, on this particular table some of the targets are Daleks, and when hit a Dalek they cry out in their screechy Dalek voices about how very angry they are. Daleks get so angry. So very, very angry.  All the time. 

Pinball might just be humanity’s greatest accomplishment.