They’re pretty advanced over there on Venus, just not that advanced. Unless we’re talking about screwing with people’s heads. They have societies devoted to that.

I suppose I do present something of a techno-science-o problem of “how on Earth is she talking to her brother in real time if he’s on Venus and she’s somewhere in the Asteroid Belt?” Well, for starters, she’s not on Earth, so that part of the question is easily dismissed. Perhaps the Daedalus Service Fleet has access to a quantum-entanglement-based communications system, which would explain the extreme cost of the call. Perhaps interstellar communications use a subspace relay network to transmit data through subspace instead of real space, effectively attaining faster-than-light speeds. Perhaps there’s actually a substantial delay and I’ve just cut those boring bits out from the scene.

Or maybe it’s just magic. Yeah. Probably just magic.