And this is why you clearly mark all your panels with “do not thump” signs. This is basic safety, people.

I’m not very good at science. You’d think that would be a concern, given that Shadlyn and I have chosen to work in the realm of science fiction. It’s right there in the name, after all. Just before “fiction.” But the cool thing about making everything up is that you get to make everything up.

I am probably the last person on the planet you want to talk to about orbital paths or interstellar debris or gravity manipulation systems or air processing or any other of the myriad things I should probably be thinking about when I help write this stuff. I am, however, fully endowed by The Power of Writing to just make shit up. What’s that stuff there, in the wall? With all the wires and Whatnots? Well, that’s spacestuff. It makes the ship go. People build a ship frame, and then they fill it with spacestuff. When a ship is full of spacestuff, it can go to places. In space.

Eat it, science.